The European Pancreas and Islet transplantation Registry (EPITR)

This is the DEVELOPMENT registry

EPITA is working on the establishment of a pan-European registry to collect data on people having received pancreas or islet transplantations. EPITR will be open to transplantation centres all over Europe and has the mission not only to host data, but also to promote collection of high-quality information.
A dedicated scientific committee chaired by Prof. Diego Cantarovich, University of Nantes (France), has defined a list of variables to gather information on transplantation procedures, graft characteristics, donors, recipients and follow-up.
EPITR will be hosted by the ESOT registry platform, an innovative ESOT project aimed at promoting sharing of scientific information and building of evidence-based international practice, policies and medical guidelines. In addition to EPITR, the ESOT registry platform will host registries on other organ transplantations and a portal to collect data directly from recipients.

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