Quality Improvement in Surgical Teams

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Building on the successful Quality Improvement in Surgical Teams Collaborative model, we are pleased to introduce an ambitious new collaborative opportunity to work together to improve surgical outcomes through the preoperative treatment of mild anaemia and decolonisation of carriers of Methicillin Sensitive Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA).

  • Led by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with the British Orthopaedic Association.
  • The project is funded for £1.5M by Northumbria NHS Vanguard, NHS Improvement, and industry (Vifor and Schülke), with independent evaluation by the University of York Trials Unit.
  • This innovative Quality Improvement, Patient Safety and Research trial aims to improve care after hip and knee replacement in two evidence based domains:
    • Anaemia:
      • To improve: Transufsion, Critical Care Admission, Lenght of Stay, Readmissions
    • Infection:
      • To improve: MSSA hip and knee replacement infection rates

The purpose of the Quality Improvement in Surgical Teams Collaborative is to improve the quality of care delivered to patients requiring joint replacement surgery by introducing two complimentary care-bundles for mild anaemia and MSSA into routine clinical practice.

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