Welcome to the Global Pressure Ulcer Registry.

The Global Pressure Ulcer Registry is an ambitious collaboration between BBI (manufacturers of the SEM Scanner) and pressure ulcer healthcare practitioners and researchers from all over the world. The main objective is to support the prevention of pressure ulcers worldwide and to facilitate research on this pernicious clinical challenge.

Pressure Ulcers are a serious health issue affecting millions of people and their families on a daily basis worldwide. Patients and residents at risk of pressure ulcers are cared for in a variety of healthcare settings by a number of healthcare professionals during their journey of care. For this reason a structured and consistent approach to pressure ulcer prevention is critical: Global Pressure Ulcer Registry sits at the heart of this effort.

The information entered into the Global Pressure Ulcer Registry is intended to be used to support awareness; education and research through the availability of accurate data and clearly define outcomes.

The Sponsors of the Global Pressure Ulcer Registry are committed to verifying and validating the data thus reflecting real activities and accurate outcomes.

All healthcare professionals are invited to contribute in this effort to ensure prevention of pressure ulcers is made real.

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