UK Paediatric Difficult Asthma Network Registry

Welcome to the UK Paediatric Difficult Asthma Network Registry

Over 1 million children in the UK are diagnosed with asthma. Most of these are well controlled however some continue to have frequent symptoms and asthma attacks despite high intensity treatment – these children have problematic severe asthma (PSA). This has a significant impact on their quality of life and represents a significant burden to the NHS. At present we do not know how many children there are in the UK with PSA and whether they are being assessed appropriately.

The aim of this registry is to help us to understand more about the clinical characteristics of these children and ensure that they receive the appropriate multi-disciplinary assessment. It will enable us to track clinical progress. It will also help us to identify children with severe therapy resistant asthma and enable the development of targeted treatment.

Dr Louise Fleming
Clinical Senior Lecturer Imperial College, London and Honorary Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician, Royal Brompton Hospital

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