The BSIR National Biliary Drainage & Stent Registry

This registry addresses several areas of interest in percutaneous biliary drainage and stenting including:

Assessment of risks and benefits

  • How well do symptoms resolve?
  • What complications occur & how frequent are they?
  • How frequently do we re-intervene?

Informing our practice

  • Single step versus staged procedure
  • Plastic versus metal stents
  • Effect of stent configuration on outcome
  • Effectiveness of stenting on different cancers

Audit and governance

  • How does my practice compare with national norms?

The quality of the dataset depends largely on the number of cases entered. We hope that you will find the registry relevant and user-friendly and we encourage you to contribute all your data. Please forward any problem and suggestions for improvements to the database to Raman Uberoi at or via the link on the registry. We aim to produce a second report soon. Difficult to treat asthma patients although only making up to 5-10% of the asthma patient population, represent a large burden to any health care system.

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